alterations: tattoo of a barcode on left wrist, pierced earlobes (to stretch them), line art of this tattoo sleeve (no color yet)

wounds: bruised and cut knuckles, large bruise on upper back, various bruises on body


"I mean, yeah. And just the fact that someone I knew died. It’s, hard to talk about."


He finishes off the cookie, watching Brent. “It’s okay. You don’t have to.” 

TITLE: unknownI. Crawl
ARTIST: unknown artistChildish Gambino
ALBUM: unknown albumBecause the Internet
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Yeah, Gambino has a monster on his hands with Because the Internet.



She pulled over her dress and let it pooled on the floor, leaving her bra and boyleg on. Jo sat on the edge of the deck, folding her dress first before pushing herself to the water. She swam a bit before floating, lying on the water as her eyes watched the blue sky. A shaking breath dragged out of her lips as she felt her body relaxed.


Julian watches Johanna and floats on his back too. He stays like for a few moments and then says, “Wow, this is kinda boring.”


He pauses. “I guess not.” He takes another drink.


"Because of Sean?"


Brent hesitates, a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other. He shakes his head. “Um, I’ll be fine.”


"So you’re not fine right now?" He bites into his cookie.

i. experimental | julian

Julian literally met Jin-Sang on the street. In April, the young Korean man had been recording people on West 10th Street with a small, high-tech camcorder and the son of Hermes, ever curious and outgoing, decided to ask what the man was doing. He didn’t look like a simple tourist recording his trip to New York City. Every step he took and every angle he turned the camera seemed very calculated. Julian learned that Jin-Sang was an undergraduate film student at NYU and was working on an assignment to show something different about the city. Different, Jin-Sang, had decided, was to film only the crotches of people as they passed by.

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Brent takes the bottle and holds his cigarette with his teeth as he opens it. “Thanks,” he says once he pulls the cigarette out of his mouth. Without asking if there are any cups, he takes a drink, wincing at the taste. “How’re you holding up?” he asks, almost knowing the answer already.


"Fine. I’m fine." Julian opens the bag of pot cookies and begins eating one before he offers the bag to Brent. "How are you holding up?”


She smirks, fiddling with the bill in her pocket. “How about this, you give me the five bucks and we share a bowl?”


Julian takes a moment to consider this and then he lets go of her arm. “Fine. Let’s do it.”


She chuckles and stands, ignoring any pain in her neck as she moves smoothly forward to rest a hand lovingly over his heart. “You are…” Using one finger to poke his chest and push him away from her, she goes to pass Julian. “…such an idiot.”


"Wow…" He says following after her and then taking her hand. "At least I’m attractive."